Herewith, please find a variety of peculiar images with which you may or may not wish to adorn your komputermaschine desktop.

You may use these pictures as your desktop background, print them out to decorate your soulless cubicle, or otherwise enjoy them in any cool and groovy non-commercial ways you like.

They are, however, copyright to me, so don't pretend they're yours, sell them to people, upload them to your Flickr account, et cetera.

I've used Coralised links for all of the large images, in case someone hotlinks them or something and they get a zillion downloads and eat a ton of bandwidth. If the Coral cache is down, the links won't work, but you can manually remove the ".nyud.net:8080" part from the URL to load them directly from my server.

If you'd like to say thank you for any of these images, feel free to PayPal me a few bucks.


One Bathsheba Grossman 3D-printed Metatrino sculpture, which I purchased along with my helicopter, Formula One racing team and Pacific island with money kindly donated by readers.

This one'd look good just sitting in the middle of a white desktop, so most people will only want the 640 or 800 pixel wide versions for desktop use. Find the 640 wide version here, 800 here, 1024 here, 1280 here, and 1600 here.

Metatrino close-up

The combined three- and four-way rotational symmetry of the Metatrino looks particularly trippy in close-up.

I've scaled this one to different heights, not widths, to accommodate people with different monitor aspect ratios. 600-pixel-high here, 768 here, 960 here, 1024 here, 1200 here.

This is a 30 second exposure of sparks hopping between the balls of my Wimshurst machine (that's me reflected in the balls). Again, scaled by height; 1024-high version here, 1280 (by 960) here, taller 1280-wide version for people with 1280 by 1024 monitors here (it's still not 1280 by 1024, but it's got all the height that was possible), 1600 here.

A faded-out version of the above image, for a more legible desktop. 1024-high here, 1280 here, taller 1280 here, 1600 here.

A Gakken Mechamo Centipede. Every home should have one.

768-high here, 960 here, 1024 here, 1200 here

Faded, again. 768 here, 960 here, 1024 here, 1200 here.

A CRT monitor, turned into a fishbowl by my entertainingly agricultural Russian fisheye.

768-high version here, 960 here, 1024 here, 1200 here.

Faded version. 768-high here, 960 here, 1024 here, 1200 here.

And one last one, which unlike the others I've released into the public domain; it's free for you to do anything you like with it:

Circuit board scan

As described here, it's the controller board for an old hard drive, scanned at 1200dpi. Which makes the file 66 megapixels and 12 megabytes in size. Feel free to scale and crop to make the desktop, or real-world, wallpaper of your choice.


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