More power socket fiddling

I just noticed this MAKE: blog piece (which links to a site that's currently down) about using outdoor sensor light fittings to give other gadgets motion triggers. They're talking about using this trick in a haunted house context, given the impending arrival of this year's Satan Day/nocturnal orgy, but you could plug in anything you wanted.

Well, within the current capacity of the light fitting and its wiring, anyway. A motion-sensitive bathroom heater, for instance, might be a neat idea but could easily pop a fuse or smoke some insulation.

The Edison-screw-to-standard-receptacle adapters they use are, I note, neat little off-the-shelf items - just screw 'em in to turn any light socket into a power socket. Apparently you can even get three-pin versions, with the earth pin unconnected.

And fair enough too, I say. What kind of crappy haunted house lets all of the kids come out alive?

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  1. Nick1911 Says:

    And this, ladies and gentlemen, is why we have relays! The same $5-off-ebay solid state relay that my Pentium-133 uses to turn on my coffee machine in the morning could easily be adapted to let motion lights control a whopping 40 Amps at 240 VAC.

    What, exactly, you intend on controlling that draws 40 Amps via motion sensor is another topic entirely…

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