Dan's Data editorial staff doubles

Dan's Data has a new reviewer.

Every now and then someone offers to write reviews for Dan's Data. Some of them seem to be reasonably talented, some don't, but I reject them all, for this site is mine, all mine, and has been for eight years, which is longer than Rupert Murdoch's been alive, in Web years.

But, you see, I went to school with Mark Cocquio.

So his first review is here.

What can you say about Mark?

Man of action, gadget enthusiast, seasoned IT writer, Touched by Lord Vader. And, as you may have noticed, he's also a comic strip character, which is more than I've ever achieved.

(Plus, his comic strip character looks quite like him. Cough.)

Mark's own site is here. His trip around Australia is particularly good.

4 Responses to “Dan's Data editorial staff doubles”

  1. micro Says:

    I for one welcome our new overlord. All hail Mark, Dan the second. And to Dan, thank you for practicing what you preach and providing us with a suitable "backup" Dan, in case of failure of the "primary" Dan. Too many people are running around this earth without a suitable backup.


  2. creekin Says:

    can we rub magnets on the backup and see if it fails?

  3. Mark Cocquio Says:

    Thank you for your welcomes. It's nice to be a backup. Nicer than being part of the RAID array, which was, quite frankly, awkward, uncomfortable and embarrassing for all.

    You're welcome to rub magnets on me, well, more welcome than rubbing, say, fish.

  4. omgror Says:

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