Erroring out

I found this page, about a diligent attempt to turn Internet Explorer 7 into a completely unusable mess, quite entertaining.

(Note Slashdot discussion, with many +5 Insightful comments about how this doesn't prove anything and it's all stupid and OH MY GOD WE'RE ARGUING IN FAVOUR OF INTERNET EXPLORER AHHH AHHH NOOOOOOOO. I did like the term "Typhoid User", though; the concept has occured to others.)

Anyhoo, the screenshot at the beginning of that piece, of IE6 clogged into postage-stamp-itude by umpteen toolbars and search boxes and juggling monkeys, reminded me of this classic screenshot. Which, in turn, reminded me of what NoteTab looked like when I had every file on my site open, for some reason, a while ago.

(Yes, Dan's Data is a flat-file site. I change something on every page, I upload 30Mb. Uphill both ways, in the snow.)

I love goofy screenshots. The old "Windows 95-NT horror gallery.." (yes, with two .s) was a favourite of mine; The Internet Archive has a partial copy of that long-dead page. [UPDATE: It lives again, here!)

Fortunately, after something of a drought, The Most Excellent Daily WTF has well and truly picked up the sill-screenshot baton (click the "Previous article" links for many more editions of Pop-Up Potpourri).

Bonus: Doncha all love the inability of (recent versions of) Microsoft Word to save a plain text file without popping up a warning every time? And I do mean every time.

Bonus bonus: One that I just discovered while optimising images for this post. In Photoshop's ImageReady-"Powered" Save For Web dialog, if you're in PNG-save mode and select "Auto" in the "Colors" box, then click one of the little arrows next to it, you get this:

Some kind of Not A Number error would seem to be more appropriate.


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  1. UnderLord Says:

    Well obviously a zero byte file WOULD be incompatible with MS txt files. They probably take edlin as the reference, which always appended a Control-Z to the file (one more every edit as often as not) so if you haven't got even 1 byte in there...

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