Der Schpamfest continues

I wonder if any valid Web sites have ever, in the entire history of the world, been hosted at or

I suppose a non-spam e-mail must have been sent from a server at some point, too.

Bonus points went to the phish that had a header line that said "X-Mailer: cup 12 bodice rippers".

I also rather liked the one with the subject line "[PHISHING] If we had to write down all the privileges of Viagra Pro, there would be no forests left in the world".

Now, I of course in no way object to being given the opportunity to purchase Vuaeogra, Lioitra, Giaolis, Fermeine, Troepocia, Ambion, Valoyum, Xanax (wow! A correctly spelled one!) or Soaeomme. It's the bracketed part at the beginning of the subject line that interested me.

None of the mail filters at my end add those [SPAM] or [PHISHING] bits to the fronts of subject lines, so I suppose it's possible that the spammers' own SMTP server did it. However, I think it's just as likely that the spammers did it deliberately, for some reason known only to the bean-like brains of petty online criminals.

Given that this was indeed a Viagra spam, not a phishing attempt, deliberately labelling it as phishing is kind of like some dude coming out of your house carrying your TV and saying "Hey, man - I know what it looks like, but I'm actually setting fire to your car!"

The single spam I feel most privileged to have received in the somewhat recent past, however, was definitely "Your Computer It Is In Ouer Base Of Dates".

We will not see its like again.

(Steven Frank seems to have summoned the energy to start updating Spamusement again, by the way. Hurrah!)

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  1. Oosh Says:

    All "Ouer Base of Dates" are belong to us?

  2. Jarod Says:

    Spamusement has me in hysterics. I should stop reading and continue after dinner due to the choking hazard.

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