Photon pimpage

In an only slightly implausible attempt to connect a sale with a holiday, are currently offering 15% off on all Photon LED flashlights, on the grounds that, uh, they're really handy when you're trick-or-treating.

Hey, that'll do. 15% off is 15% off.

I've had a few of the new model Freedom Micros and one of the new X-Lights on my to-review pile for a little while, now. Special secret preview: They're worth buying.

And, as usual, if you follow my affiliate link and then buy something, I get a cut.

In an entirely unrelated development, I have discovered that Photon lights are not only small and light and reliable and quite reasonably priced for what they are, but will also improve your car's fuel economy and help your kids do better at school.

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