Help Me Out By Doing Something You Were Probably Going To Do Anyway

Firefox version 2 is going to be officially released in, I don't know, ten minutes or something. There've been a couple of Release Candidates that haven't been drive-formatting nightmares, so it's pretty safe to say that the official release is going to be safe to run, and I bet a bunch of you dorks are going to join me in installing it as soon as you possibly can.

Google have a "Referrals" deal that lets those of us who have an AdSense account benefit, in the crass financial sense, when people follow a referral link and then download and install Firefox and the perfectly acceptable Google Toolbar.

So, you know, go ahead and click this button and do that, if you feel like it.

I'll only actually get paid for this if you weren't running Firefox before (I suppose you could uninstall Firefox 1.5 before you install 2.0, or something, but that's just ridiculous). I might get a buck or three anyway. It's a perfectly good link for you to use even if it doesn't bring me any money; go for your life, cobber.

While I'm at it, here are some other Google Referral things you might like to investigate. None of them will cost you any money (except for the one at the end, and that's entirely voluntary), but all of them will make me some money if you have the intestinal fortitude to go all the way and install, sign up, donate blood, or whatever.

The Google Pack is only for WinXP, but genuinely does contain useful cool free stuff. Picasa, Google Earth, all that jazz.

Do you only want Picasa?

No problem.

You really can make money with AdSense, if your site gets a bit of traffic. I do. Lots of people with low-traffic sites do, too; they put the AdSense code on their site, they forget about it, a year and a half later they get $57 they weren't expecting. You won't find that kind of money down the side of the couch.

And the ads aren't hideous, and people click on them for various reasons, and Google are even hip enough that they can handle electronic funds transfer to bank accounts in weird Third World countries like Australia. (Most other ad networks *cough* insist on sending US dollar cheques.)

Oh, and there's AdWords as well, but I'll be pretty bloody surprised if anybody signs up from this link. Not because AdWords suXX0rZ, or anything, but because people who want to use it probably already are.

I mainly included this one because I wanted to use another one of Google's button shapes.

If you're drunk generous enough that you just want to send me some money directly, though, I refer you to this page.

NOTE: This post was messed up in most non-Firefox browsers, until the Blogsome support people kindly installed the WP Unformatted plugin for me.

It turns out that WordPress automatically screws up Javascript by inserting helpful <BR /> tags at the end of every line, and Firefox seems to be the only popular browser that's able to ignore that. You'd think there'd be a <unformatted> tag or something that you could use but no, you have to install a plugin or something. "WP Unformatted" lets you do your own darn formatting if you want to.

2 Responses to “Help Me Out By Doing Something You Were Probably Going To Do Anyway”

  1. RichVR Says:

    Already have 2.0 installed, sorry. While I'm typing at you, a question. Do you know of any way to stop Google from updating the toolbar in IE? When it updates to the latest version I get a blank history box. That and the annoying fact that I didn't give them permission to futz with my machine, makes Google Toolbar "less than adequate" for me.

    Any ideas?

  2. Throggle Says:

    Hmmm... there seems to be a Microsoft conspiracy afoot to defeat attempts to install Firefox. When viewing this page in IE I get errors on the page and the buttons do not display. So far have tried this on two different m/es with the same (lack of) results.

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