I don't think it really does

Apparently, "this page requires additional images."

The point goes unremarked on the discussion page, which is as lengthy as can be expected for such a weighty topic.

I love Wikipedia talk pages. They're not just more entertaining than most of the main entries (with certain obvious exceptions), but can be more informative too.

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  1. Orpheus Says:

    From the talk page:

    "Diagram needed"?!

    Uh, does anyone really think it's necessary for this article to have a diagram? God, I hope this is a joke, unless Wikipedia is turning into Goatsepedia. (;^_^;) Akira 07:35, 15 September 2006 (UTC)

  2. Orpheus Says:

    Ah, that was for an earlier "Diagram needed" tag. The current "Image needed" tag was added about 18 hours ago.

  3. Daniel Rutter Says:

    Clearly, what's really needed is an interactive 3D animation.

  4. Orpheus Says:

    Time to update your virtual porn column perhaps? A call to arms to the world's animators to work on this tragic omission from Wikipedia?

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