Game music remixes

Are you the kind of music lover who, when you hear the name "Galway", automatically thinks of Martin before you think of his uncle James?

Well, then you presumably already know about OverClocked Remix and RKO and so on. If you don't, you should.

My favourite Galway rework is Slow Poison's Wizball mix, which may not be heard at its best without chemical accompaniment. But it's good anyway.

Richard Westall's Arkanoid title screen mix is decent, too.

But wait, I hear you say - has he somehow forgotton the Comic Bakery soundtrack (hearable in all its original SIDitude in the Java player here)?

No, he has not.

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  1. Paradroid Says:

    Thanks for reminding me about RKO, havn't been there in years :) My favorites are Instant Remedy's tunes, particularly Ghosts'n'Goblins and Last Ninja from the c64. If you're interested in original videogame style music, checkout

  2. Camping Fag Says:

    Hmmm... fully 25% of my 50Gb music collection is game remixes. Perhaps my wife is correct when she calls me a huge nerd.

    Anyway, my recommendations (links redacted due to overzealous comment spam filter):
    * the entire Instant Remedy ( album
    * Cyborg Jeff's Fury of the Furries ( remixes
    * Cybernoid 2 remixes by AnDras Poszt ( and Biber Zsolt (
    * Mr Hubbard himself with Sanxion from Karma 64 (

    And in case anyone out there feels creative: Ingame 3 from Utopia ( could really do with some jazzing up. Please?

  3. bj420 Says:

    One piece of game music memorabilia that i'm seeking is the Carrier Command soundtrack that came on a cassette with the game. I can't find the audio anywhere, but there are a few pages that mention it.

    Anyone have any ideas?

  4. kamikrae-z Says:

    bj420, check out hsvc, which you can find here:
    download either the full rar or zip (contains 32000 songs in 44mb!)

    you then need the sidplay2/w player to play the .sid files

    you'll find carrier command in the games section of the archive

    props to dan for indirectly linking to this awesome collection of music (through the java player)

  5. bj420 Says:

    Cheers kamikrae-z

    I've got a copy now, brings back some memories. But what i was actually after was the audio tape version - you could actually play it on your stereo and it had lyrics and everything.

    I've been fruitlessly searching for a while now, guess i'll call it a day :)

  6. kamikrae-z Says:

    today's your lucky day!
    did a quick google search and a page came up linking to this page:

    the second file is the mp3, you can unzip the lha file with 7zip and probably most other zip programs.


  7. bj420 Says:

    You sir, are a google wiz :)

  8. corinoco Says:

    Maybe serendipity, but I am currently partway through canibalizing 2 C64s (they're model 'C's don't get too upset)to build a Prophet64 synth. Sure, I have no musical talent, but that doesn't seem to worry anyone else these days.

    Wizball, I might add, is possibly the best synth track ever made, especially the way it just goes all Eno-ish in the middle for a while. And who needs MDMA when you can actually play Wizball? Sit real close to screen with the lights off - let that TV flicker take you to a land where... your cat eats paint, and you are trying to make Mt.Rushmore go all fluoro, and the fuzz keep chasing you, and you don't die - you just shatter into a million stars (oh, alright 16 stars, but is feels like a million)

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