5240 Datasettes per gigabyte

My page here, about my continuing quest to find a simple way to get monstrous storage at home, ends with a list of Network Attached Storage boxes that have the very-helpful-for-many-users disk sleep function.

If you'd like to see a more comprehensive list of NAS gadgets with and without sleep, check out this one here. Unfortunately, that list was last updated more than a year ago. Does anybody know an up-to-date list? Surely some dork dedicated enthusiast must be devoting his weekends to this pursuit?

2 Responses to “5240 Datasettes per gigabyte”

  1. Wire_Geek Says:

    NAS does not amuse me. I'm looking at somewhat cheaper and somewhat bigger.. currently putting plans together for a PCI-X or PCI Express X4 based hardware raid 5 in the 2tb range.

    Wish I could find good reviews on raid cards 8 (

  2. Bedlam Says:

    How about using one of the current generation Athlon mobos with its in-built RAID5 and 6 x SATA slots? I'm building a similar machine for my boss now with 6 x 320Gb drives for a formatted capactity of around 1.5Tb. And you can certainly put in bigger (and much more expensive) drives. Just don't forget that Windows can't handle physical drives >2Tb. You could put together a box like that for under AU$2k plus drives, which is what you'll pay for similar sized RAID boxes without all the other attendant abilities of being a proper computer.

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