Quack of the day

Some fraudulent medical practitioners go to great lengths to look genuine.

And then there's Doctor Oludare Samuel Olomoshua, of Wisdomite Spiripathology Healing Mission & Music Ministry Inc, which is based in Nashville Tennessee but has a mailing address in Nigeria. Apparently their mailbox can be found at "Coconut Bus Stop", which may be the best address ever.

(Doesn't everything good seem to be coming out of Nigeria these days?)

"Spiripathology" has the cure for everything, just like all the best quacks. Even if you're afflicted with "parenthesis".

(Of the colon, presumably. Perhaps even of the semicolon.)

Don't worry - Dr Olomoshua is fully qualified.

A judge who doesn't see the funny side has now ordered Olomoshua to knock it off. Apparently he's "treated" several hundred people; I'm guessing poor immigrants (maybe African) with little education. This contrasts with the usual victims of scammers in his witch-doctor-ish league, who are poor local white folk with little education.

This isn't to say that intelligent and educated people don't, every day, give their money to other medical scoundrels. Smart folk just demand a bit more of that pretending-to-be-genuine stuff, such as is provided by delectable human beings like Hulda Clark and one Ryke Geerd Hamer.

Hamer's sterling work you can, if you have a strong stomach, and I am not kidding at all about this, see here.

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  1. drhuldaclark142 Says:

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  2. Daniel Rutter Says:

    I wonder if "drhuldaclark142" is a spambot, or an actual human?

    In any case, I've defused that link (which was to "drclarkstore.com", registered to some dude in Portugal).

    In the two and three-quarter years since I wrote this post, Hulda Clark has gotten herself a decent Wikipedia article.

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