Replacement of hotlinked images is... whimsical today.

(He used to have this, from my subwoofer review. Now he has this.)

(On trolling further down in my referring-URL list for today, I am pleased to note that the priapic rabbit with which I graced this page remains there, pink and proud. He's Not Safe For Work, by the way, in case you don't know what "priapic" means.)

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  1. Steven Den Beste Says:

    I think a lot of them don't honestly know any better. There are people for whom electricity comes from a socket in the wall, and food comes from a grocery store. They don't know any more than that.

    And for them, pictures come from the web. That's all. They're out there, and you use them, because that's what you do on the web.

    Considering some of the kinds of pictures I've posted on my site I've gotten hammered that way many, many times, including at least once by Fark (which brought my server to its knees for several hours). But my main bitch has been people on MySpace who put lots of cool pictures in their "about me" page, often including ones hosted on my server.

    I suppose I could have done some of the kinds of things you did, but my goal is to be so annoying that someone is forced to remove their link to me ASAP. So this is what my "deterrence" image looks like.

    Not only is it only 13K, but since it's 2048*2048 it blows the site format for any unsophisticated linker who didn't include width and height fields in their IMG tag. And it's a real eyebomb. It does the trick, nearly always. Image hotlinks to my server don't usually last long.

  2. rsynnott Says:

    A while back, someone used a picture of an ICBM test launch from my blog as the background to their forum. I replaced it with a picture of Spitting Image's Maggie Thatcher. It took them a surprisingly long time to remove her.

  3. NealC Says:

    Two years later...and its _still_ there :-)

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