Persistence of incomprehensibility

It takes some serious stamina for a page that was a Cruel Site of the Day in May, 2002 for the spectacular violence it has perpetrated upon the English language to still be up, and still exactly the same, more than four years later.

That's, like, a century, in Internet time.

But the Zhejiang Yuyao Jinlida electric appliance company, Limited has achieved this feat.


4 Responses to “Persistence of incomprehensibility”

  1. phrantic Says:

    Gotta hate that big fog weather. Oh, and what's your soot condition like? Mine's fine.

  2. phrantic Says:

    At the risk of spamming I have to point out...

    "5: have two power supply meet god, living room, inside car two used."

    meet god?

  3. RichVR Says:

    Used to finance finance dept. Current money is the best of all schlepp epidemical bug, so finance finance dept must equip sanitation antisepsis equipment. HY-2000 minus ion air clean-new machine is perfect finance dept sanitation antisepsis equipment.

    Schlepp? Indeed.

  4. Daniel Rutter Says:

    "Inclusion of Yiddish is the mark of the highest quality Engrish." Discuss.

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