Entertaining additive

XXL Bio-Fuel Enhancer is an amazing development from Malaysia, where there are many palm oil plantations and palm oil costs very little. And where, by means of a secret refining process, it turns out that one can convert this palm oil into "XXL nano-molecules that can crack and reform hydrocarbon molecules in fossil fuels into high quality, powerful fuel molecules that contain vast amounts of energy and oxygen"!

And all you need is one drop per litre! Which is good, because now the palm oil costs, I don't know, a hundred times as much? More?

Extremely plausible explanation

See? It's just that simple!

And in absolutely no way a gigantic pile of bollocks!

Don't listen to those people who foolishly suggest that breaking molecular bonds to turn a compound into another with greater combustion energy is difficult without, you know, some kind of energy input. Not to mention anybody who points out that when your fuel molecules already have oxygen in them, that means they're already partially oxidised, which means you get less energy when you burn them (that, essentially, is why alcohols have less energy per litre than hydrocarbons).

Presumably one should be careful not to add too much XXL Bio-Fuel Enhancer to one's fuel tank, lest it crack all of the bonds in the gasoline hydrocarbons and leave you with a fuel tank full of charcoal, and a cloud of hydrogen floating away into the sky.

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  1. Mighty Says:

    I had a short email exchange with someone regarding FFI MPG-Caps. Man, that's frustrating. I pointed him at the Fuel Saving Info site, and he fell back on, "Well, he hasn't tried it, so his page doesn't mean anything. It works for me and my friends."

    *heavy sigh*

    People think they're infallible. And then refuse to admit that they're doing that. Grr.


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