Things I Won't Be Buying

The cats. Would go. Completely berserk.

I suppose the Flytech Dragonfly is more of an entothopter than an ornithopter, technically.

There's a lot of porpoising, but it flies quite well, for a (expected-to-be) pretty inexpensive and durable toy.

This is much more elegant, but also far more fragile.

This bird's pretty much got it down, but I bet it's not cheap.

This one's cheating.

You can start ornithoptering with free-flight (no remote control) rubber power...

...(note cat in this video that wants nothing whatsoever to do with the thing), then move on to something fancier...

Full-scale versions are about as practical as you'd expect:

3 Responses to “Things I Won't Be Buying”

  1. Erik T Says:

    Those rubber-powered ornithopters are fairly amateurish (although what can one expect from a kid). I've seen some back home that can manage five or six minutes of free flight. That's the benefit you reap when you've got a 50cm wide aircraft that weighs single-digit grams.

  2. Ian Says:

    I think the 3rd clip's one of these:
    To be fair, doesn't look an obscene price for a comedy flying widget.

  3. marius-the-mad Says:

    Wow... Just... wow.

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