Is it a snow cone maker?

This comment prompted me to point you all to another site which, just in case you haven't already discovered it, I must warn you will probably eat your whole day. And then some.

I give you: What is it?

Therein, you will find pictures of odd devices - so very, very, many odd devices - which you are asked to identify. Or you can just skip to the answers. Though they're not always complete, damn them. And I still think it's cheating when the picture is of only part of some larger contraption.

The current items are a bit dud, but they're the hundred and fiftieth set. There are plenty of gems in the older sets.

If you're like me, you'll get just enough of them right to keep you going.

(Occasional rewards, and all that.)

7 Responses to “Is it a snow cone maker?”

  1. matt Says:

    You trying to get rid of us, Dan?

    Lots of things there, where I found myself thinking, "I know we had one of those lying around the shop, but I never knew what it was for!"

    That's one scary snakebite-kit on this page! (I don't think that's too much of a spoiler, since just about everything on the page could possibly be a snakebite-kit!)

  2. Primathon Says:

    I thought it was an espresso machine... No, wait. It's a water heater...

    Good link (as always).

  3. Daniel Rutter Says:

    That movie really made an impression on me.

  4. Darrell Says:

    Gee thanks. Do you know how much time I've wast... er... spent on that site?

  5. SouthP Says:

    Hello Dan. remember me? I guess not. Your place one day in Sydney years passed.

  6. SouthP Says:

    Yes you do. I was working for Bob back in those days

  7. SouthP Says:

    You are very odd but interesting. Blue mountains are a worry fella

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