Well, whaddaya know

A few readers have just pointed out this Sydney Morning Herald feature to me, regarding the "Firepower" company mentioned in this letters column.

Astoundingly enough, it turns out that people who sell magic gasoline improving pills may be a little bit dishonest.

Fancy that!

(Don't miss the sidebar in which it is revealed that Firepower's special unique amazing main product is actually exactly the same as something called the Power Pill FE-3, which in turn is alleged to be made by a very plausible outfit called UBiee. Anyone want to lay odds on whether Firepower/UBiee will end up going the same way as the similarly revolutionary entrepreneurs at Bioperformance?)

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  1. corinoco Says:

    I love the quote from an Austrade spokesdroid: "What we are assisting is an Australian business that operates out of Perth, which is public knowledge and which is on the internet."

    Oh! Of course! ASIC has never heard of them, but if they have an internet site they must be for real! Everyone knows that only real true stuff is allowed on teh internets!

    If we had a real true Opposition they should be onto this story like a pack of wolves...

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