I'd drive it


Also: Which Space Computer is your favourite?

(I think the inverted slope ones deserve their own entry. All good Space cockpits have at least one of those, either hanging from the hinged trans-yellow ceiling, or surrounding the intrepid spacedude or dudette, buried deep within his or her windowless, heavily armoured vehicle.)

5 Responses to “I'd drive it”

  1. sockatume Says:

    Clearly the M-Tron one. In fact M-Tron just wins everything.

  2. Canuck Says:

    What can I say: I am a purest. My favorite computer is the Classic Space Computer with Little Buttons and Crosshair-thing. I always try to put at least one in every space ship I design. My second favourite computer is, of course, the Classic Computer with There Buttons and Green Screen with tiny text.

  3. evilspoons Says:

    My favorite is probably this guy - http://www.bricklink.com/P/1/3069bp61.gif - from the Ice Planet sets. I was super-happy when I saved up enough of my pennies to buy #6973, Deep Freeze Defender, at age 8 or 9. (Picture here: http://guide.lugnet.com/set/?q=6973_1&v=z). I mean, who doesn't love a ship that pulls apart into four separate vehicles, launches a rocket, and has a sliding door that pops out another little vehicle with a magnet for picking up little boxes?

  4. Erik T Says:

    The M-Tron one, of course.

  5. corinoco Says:

    Heh, the moment I read 'Which Space Computer is your favourite' I remembered that all my Space designs had a clear 2x2 brick with a a red and green 1x1 tile on top to make - ORAC!

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