The bad review kiss of death

I just had occasion to look at my old piece here about a self-contained water cooling device that did not work very well, and checked to see whether an awful review of the device I linked to was still up.

It was not; the site is now a parked domain. Awwww.

More entertainingly, though, the company that sent me the gadget for review now has a teensy little problem with their home page, which redirects to the entirely reasonable before Firefox pulls the plug on its foolishness. Internet Explorer keeps on diligently trying to load it for a while before giving up with a less informative message.

So I'm leaving death and derangement in my wake, as usual. Jolly good.

4 Responses to “The bad review kiss of death”

  1. Popup Says:

    Through an ironic twist of fate, the link provided (dansdata.blogsome/thermagic.html) gives a 'file not found'.

    (Presumably you meant (without the blomsome).)

  2. Daniel Rutter Says:

    Hee - I only now looked at this post on a mere 1024 by 768 screen! On my 1600 by 1200 main computer, the broken redirect URL fits on one normal line, but on a smaller screen it boldly thrusts rightwards into the Google ads and beyond.

    I like it!

  3. sockatume Says:

    You'll be pleased to know that the internet archive has the Monkeyreviews review, including the graphs. They really are rather hilarious.

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