News flash - Gasoline pills still a scam!

I failed to notice that the Sydney Morning Herald summed up its previous Firepower coverage in this feature last Saturday.

There's some new info, too. Useless engine cleaning machines. Naming of the only identifiable active ingredient of the magic pills. The amazing revelation that the proudly trumpeted proof of Firepower's claims from General Motors, Volvo, Russian mining operations and so on does not actually exist.

Oh, and the fact that the principals allege themselves to be Jehovah's Witnesses, and have a glancing association with the extremely delectable Exclusive Brethren, on whose Australian activities the Herald has also been reporting on for some time now.

[This story turned into a whole big thing, which I've given its own category on the blog.]

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  1. corinoco Says:

    I don't know about anyone else, but the Exclusive Bretheren scare the hell out of me. I have a nasty, nasty feeling they are quite busy worming their way into mainstream Australian politics. As if our politicians aren't bad enough already!

    Mind you, I get to vote for Maxine McKew! Yay!

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