Steam beetle!

Yeah, like all you dorks haven't seen it already.

It could only be better if it had legs.

That, of course, would slow it down enormously. As it is, it makes pretty good time for a 20 pound model, thanks to four-cylinder steam power. Which is largely responsible for the weight, of course. (Welcome to engineering, please attempt to enjoy your stay.)

Needless to say, this is another creation from I-Wei Huang.

(At first glance I thought he'd committed the sacrilege of butchering an old Tamiya Bruiser, but the chassis is actually from the new F350 High-Lift, which is superficially similar.)

3 Responses to “Steam beetle!”

  1. Gareth Pye Says:

    gotta love the whistle.

  2. Daniel Rutter Says:

    Yes, I know - it uses a Gakken Centipede chassis, and I link to it from the above-linked review :-).

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