The licking is audible

Anne has told me that everybody in the world needs to see this.

So here it is.

(Actually, I'm given to understand the correct term is "leecking".)

5 Responses to “The licking is audible”

  1. Skah T Says:

    So adorable! When we brought home our second (and third) cat we hoped that they would all be friends like this. Sadly there was much hissing, swatting, and peeing contests.

  2. RichVR Says:


    I mean, really, what else can you say?

  3. EEK Says:

    Your cats are crazy. Cute, but crazy.

  4. Joe Bloggs Says:

    For some reason this video reminds me of Allen Ripley in Alien Resurrection being sucked down into the Alien cave...

  5. Anthony Hersey Says:

    You passed up the opportunity to title this "black and white pussy licking"?

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