Musical advice

Sometimes, it's difficult to figure out the right soundtrack for a particular situation.


You're a high-collared, monocled, merciless galactic conqueror.

You find yourself in a First Contact situation with an ancient and peace-loving alien civilisation.

Their endlessly astonishing arcologied homeworld is optimally developed in every way possible for the perfect satisfaction of all forms of corporeal life.

You are about to pound that world into a dull red glowing moonscape with a sustained, and glorious unto God, mass driver bombardment.


The walking chords two thirds of the way through the Fantasia of J.S. Bach's Fantasia and Fugue in G Minor, BWV 542, are what you're looking for.


The cheapest way to buy this, and an absolute buggerload of other Bach organ works, is I think the ten disc boxed set from good old Helmut, which Amazon currently lists for a lousy $US19.49 plus whatever shipping you have to pay.

The slightly more expansive 12 disc edition, in comparison, is $86.49.

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  1. m56 Says:

    My wife and I recently got the 155 disc boxed set "Bach Edition". It's the complete works, on period instruments, and it's currently on sale for $109 USD... Looks like their international shipping could kill it though, it charges per item in multi-item sets, which comes out to a ridiculous amount for this single large box of cds in envelopes. I'm guessing the shipping would be negotiable on this particular item. Anyhoo just wanted to brag about our Bach Boxed set, it's bigger than yours :D

  2. RichVR Says:

    Perhaps a bit off topic, but do you think that this is worth picking up? I guess it's plastic, but I'd love a metal one.

  3. unfunk Says:

    I disagree!
    When I take over the universe, my about-to-conquer-all music will be this extract from Mahler's 10th Symphony.
    Oh yes, they will rue this day...

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