More Legobotics

Apropos my previous "those of us who will not rest until we've faithfully reproduced a 100% self-aware Johnny Five in Technic" bit:

We're one step closer.

The Mindstorms NXT sonic sensor already looks like Five's eyes, which helps. But it's still completely brilliant.

Next stop: The T-1 Battle Units from Rise of the Machines. Which aren't nearly as clever as Johnny, so should be easier to imitate - the Lego Johnny ain't gonna be speed-reading any books with those sonar eyes of his.

(By the way, who knew the T-1s had tracks made by the same company who made the tracks on Jamie Hyneman's remote controlled vending machines? One of them's standing there behind him in his Web site home page portrait; and like the giant penny in the Batcave, a Vending Tank also lurks in the background of many Mythbusters scenes.)

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  1. Stephen Says:

    That is some pretty cool stuff. Almost makes me want to pull out the movie again...almost. :)

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