Upgradin' the TARDIS

This is the Slashdot thread about a not-terribly-good example of the Gee, Isn't It Funny That Crappy Computers Used To Cost A Lot Of Money genre of article.

The Slashdot thread contains, as is often the case, pointers to some rather more entertaining stuff.

Like this.

This ad, and two more like it, ran from 1979 to 1980 if somewhat flaky online sources are to be believed. If those dates are right then Tom Baker took the Prime's advice; he married Lalla Ward in 1981.

And then divorced her sixteen months later.

Lalla's been married to Richard Dawkins since 1992, a development which the Prime apparently did not foresee. 1992 was also the year in which Prime Computer ceased trading.

Another of the Prime ads:

Doctor Who had, of course, postulated far more impressive computers than this on numerous occasions, so Tom's trademark enthusiasm was in this case difficult to justify.

In another piece of nerd synchronicity, the vast master computer system on Gallifrey was called The Matrix.

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  1. captin_nod Says:

    It's good to see some Tom Baker; he's much, much less damp than the the current incarnation of the Doctor. In return for your peculiar selection of videos, another one in return:


    French Daleks. It's an acquired taste.

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