"Dear $FIRSTNAME..."

It's not often that you get spam with this sort of clarity:

From: "Hayes, Bryan"
To: dan@dansdata.com
Date: Sat, 30 Jun 2007 03:08:14 -0500
Subject: Message subject

Message subject



Bryan Hayes


Regrettably, there was no X-Mailer line with the name of a spamming program in it, so we don't get to know (possibly after some detective work) with what software "Brian" failed to fill in the form before clicking the "Send 100,000,000 e-mails" button.

(The sending server was, according to ancient tradition, a Chinanet IP address.)

I look forward with enthusiasm to the reduction in spam bandwidth consumption that'll occur when we all start getting tiny little messages that just say "%NIGERIAN_SCAM" or "%DICK_PILLS" or "%BUY_SOME_STOCK" rather than the informationally equivalent uncompressed versions.

2 Responses to “"Dear $FIRSTNAME..."”

  1. Darkside Says:

    I laughed so hard my side hurts :P

  2. Cafevino Says:

    I wonder if this works for things other than spam. Let's try it ...

    %Pithy and well thought-out comment with which everyone will agree.

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