The whole Scout troop can use it at once

Every now and then someone who's read the stuff I wrote about Swiss Army knives writes to make sure I know about the ridiculous Victorinox super-knives, the SwissChamp XLT (which is just about still usable) and SwissChamp XXLT (which is really just a showpiece, though every now and then you find one on sale for a surprisingly reasonable price because some store accidentally got ten in, thinking they were products a human hand could actually hold).

Wenger, the now-wholly-owned-by-Victorinox second manufacturer of "genuine" Swiss Army knives, would appear to now have one-upped Victorinox in the monster-knife stakes, with...

Wenger Giant

...the Giant.

It's only a thousand dollars if you buy online!

(I'm pretty sure that one of those big plastic shop-window Swiss Army knives with the motorised blades that slowly go in and out will cost you rather less than the Giant, and be just as useful.)

7 Responses to “The whole Scout troop can use it at once”

  1. DBT Says:

    If it were modular - as in you could selectively remove sections with reasonable effort - I could see possibilities. Otherwise it looks like something you would leave on the ground, noting he label: "face this side toward enemy"

  2. Zerotime Says:

    I know it's meant to be for having and not using, but... damn.

  3. RichVR Says:

    I find that a combination of my Swiss Army Cybertool 41 and my Leatherman Charge TTi are all that I need. But still... I could go for that.

  4. unfunk Says:

    what the hell is the antenna for?

  5. Daniel Rutter Says:

    It's for the seven-inch widescreen LCD TV on the other side of the knife, silly!

    Actually, I initially thought it was a telescopic magnetic pick-up tool, but no - it's a telescopic pointer.

    The Giant also has a laser pointer, of course!

  6. g-lock Says:

    Ye gods.

    I'll stick with the Leatherman, methinks. Even though it doesn't have a golf club face cleaner, a laboratory key or a part to adjust gunsights, somehow I've managed to survive this long in civilisation with it.

  7. Soft Engineer Says:

    Ummm, where's the USB Drive?

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