Pay no attention to the man inside the oil barrel

MGS 4 screenshot

Frankly, this enormous Metal Gear Solid 4 gameplay demonstration video (Australian direct download link for iiNet customers here) would be quite hilarious even if it weren't for Snake's incredibly-well-defined buttocks.

But they, and the little dancing robot, push it to a whole new level.

Hideo seems very serious about it all, but I've no idea what he's actually saying (beyond stuff like "aru-P-G" as he whips out an antitank launcher...), so I can't be sure. I presume there's a simply excellent explanation of Snake interrupting his murderous pursuits to check out a girlie mag.

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  1. m56 Says:

    Did the one you watched not have subtitles? I watched the quicktime version from the first link; it was all subtitled. You probably missed some great details, like the fact that the happy happy joy joy robot is in fact controlled by Snake using none other than A PS3 CONTROLLER! Ahh, the recursion.

  2. Daniel Rutter Says:

    Subtitled? Yes. Subtitled with an English option? No :-).

    I'll grab the Gametrailers version when I get a moment.

  3. kamikrae-z Says:

    It's nice to see a game that while priding itself on its realistic graphics sill maintains a sense of humour. However the part where Snake used Octocam to "hide" himself on the floor in plain sight was a tad unbelievable . Of course there have been plenty of advancements in the field of cloaking and other forms of camouflage but I still think the coolest (and most innovative) sci-fi camouflage award has to go to the T1000's depiction of a tiled floor (theres an irony in watching a YouTube video of a sci-fi movie on an old television that I can't quite articulate). My pick for the sci-fi camouflage razzy award goes to 007's Aston Martin Vanquish.

  4. kamikrae-z Says:

    And of course my amazing(ly non-existant) HTML skills borked up that last link:

  5. Hobbler Says:

    When I saw the oil barrel segment I busted out laughing...funny stuff.

  6. chiefnewo Says:

    I haven't watched the video yet, but that certainly is some good camouflage - it took me a few seconds to actually spot Snake. :P

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