More SupCom eye candy

Flail Supreme, the Supreme Commander video clip I mentioned months ago, now has a sequel.

You're obviously missing out if you only watch the YouTube version. 1024 by 768 Xvid AVI version here, 512 by 384 version here.

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  1. Changes Says:

    Why oh why do people make videos of videogames and remove the sound?! I don't know about you, but I'd have liked that video much more with the game sounds and not the music, or maybe with the music mixed in along with the sounds.

  2. com2kid Says:

    "Have you ever seen someone who's been napalmed, Senator?" Meredith continued, low and guttural. "Have you ever seen a living face that's been burned down to cartilage and bone? I have. I've seen arms and intestines hanging from the trees like bloody fruit. I've watched a woman spend all day dying from a septic gut wound, and seen her children hobbling around on infected, oozing stumps.

    "Does that disgust you, Senator? Death is supposed to make you sick. That's why it smells so bad. It's supposed to be the most nauseating, horrible, gut-twisting thing you could ever witness, and maybe that way you'll remember why you don't kill more often."

    Bruce Bethke, Expendables

  3. Stark Says:

    Oyyy....com2kid... just... ugh. It's a GAME. Not real. Playing a war game - more technically a strategy game - does not equate to actual acts of war or condoning war. Yes, we all know death is bad... s'why we all tend to avoid it if at all possible... but c'mon - posting a politicized piece like the above over a game.........

    Perhaps your time would be better spent rallying against actual wars instead of a game. You could go with the obvious one - Iraq - or any of the other currently going concerns.
    See for a nice list.

  4. Daniel Rutter Says:

    And in any case, if you're concerned about people dying, there's exactly one sentient being on the battlefield per side in Supreme Commander. The enemy Commander has a dude inside, but everything else is robots.

    (Which kinda makes sense, seeing as they're made in factories. Of course, allegedly-human infantry is also made in factories, in all kinds of other RTS games.)

    So Supreme Commander lets you play 20 minutes, maybe five hours, to achieve the same kill count you get per minute in a FPS game :-).

  5. Rob L Says:

    com2kid probably doesn't want to know what the minions of Bioshock look like after a dose of incinerate...

  6. Matt Harris Says:

    The way these videos are made preclude the use of sound. They're filmed in slow motion, so even if sound were included, it'd be a zip-squeal.

    I suppose he could record sound before he compresses the framerate and then re-attach it, but getting it synced up would almost certainly be more trouble than it's worth.

  7. Changes Says:

    Didn't look like slow-motion. But if that's the case, then I'll just shut up. :)

  8. Daniel Rutter Says:

    To get a smooth frame rate, people recording SupCom videos run the game at minimum speed - which is a real crawl, but allows the CPU to keep up with even very complicated action. Then they speed the result back up in their movie-making software.

  9. com2kid Says:

    No one recognizes aa quote about automated war machines by the guy who invented the word Cyberpunk?


  10. Stark Says:

    Yes, I did recognize it as a quote from Bruce Bethke... still, without anything further from you it looks like (and has been used as such by many others I might add) an anti-war ranting.

    If you are going to post a charged passage like that for some other reason than the one implied by the passage itself you ought to say so!

    Otherwise I may lay into you for no good reason... not that you care but it sure would have saved me some annoyance and few keystrokes!

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