Godly techno-weirdness of the day

Pop quiz, hotshot. You're driving down the highway, and you see this:

Mobile phones for Jay-sus-ah!

It's fifty feet high, and you don't remember seeing it the last time you went this way.

And yes, it's on the premises of a church.

What is it?

Obviously, it's a cell-phone tower, whose construction was paid for by a cell-phone company.

I think you'd probably get better reception from the Rio Jesus, though.

2 Responses to “Godly techno-weirdness of the day”

  1. rho Says:

    Some cities are regulating cell towers, forcing them to look like anything else other than a cell tower. We've got one nearby that looks like the Washinton Monument. Others that are dressed up to look like really tall trees.

    Me, I like cell towers, but I recognize I'm in a minority on that.

  2. Mohonri Says:

    Cell phone towers don't really bother me, except when they try to disguise them, and it turns out badly. When I was in college there was a cell tower nearby that was disguised as a tree. Except it didn't look anywhere close to real (an extraordinarily straight, tall tree that stays green through a Utah winter? Yeah, right!), and all the antennas were just as visible as before. It would have looked better as a plain cell tower.

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