Three alarming links

While reading Tim Kreider's commentary for his most recent (Not Safe For Work, if your work is not awesome) comic, I was intrigued by his passing mention of a torture device called the "tongue screw".

That device is, for some reason, not listed on Occasional Hell's well-known (and probably also NSFW) Infernal Device site.

But it didn't take me long to find this page (probably SFW), which both shows you the device, and summarises its strange connection to modern Mennonite culture.

Some people will look at the three above-linked pages, shudder, and try to forget them.

Other people will still be reading four hours later.

Even if it does get them fired.

(Once you've lost your job, you will of course have more time to read Tim Kreider's excellent books.)

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  1. RichVR Says:

    I believe I cursed you out in the October 1st post. And so further damning will be redundant. It's 11:13PM here in Brooklyn, NY. I don't expect to be getting any sleep any time soon. Four hours? At least. Bastard.

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