Yet more on Firepower

I only now got around to reading Gerard Ryle's latest Sydney Morning Herald article about "troubled" gasoline-improving-pill company Firepower, and its "colourful" directors.

The piece is pretty much just an updated recap of the sordid saga documented in previous articles, but more and more of the Firepower principals' background is coming out, and it's entertaining stuff. The nonexistent contracts, fake tests, string of previous financially questionable fuel-saving companies and guys linked to Nicolae Ceausescu and Halliburton, we already knew about. But there's more.

Kitchen renovations and standover men! Child-sex allegations! And, less excitingly, the continuing slow turning of the gears of the Australian Securities and Investments Commission, which may finally see these swindlers thrown in jail.

Don't count on it, though. For every "high flying" rip-off artist that actually sees the inside of a comfortable minimum security prison for a few months, there are ten who just declare bankruptcy yet again and then head off in a "borrowed" private jet to their next important meeting.

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  1. Garett Smith Says:

    I wonder if the Rabbitoh's, the Western Force and the Sydney Kings don't know, don't want to know or just don't care.

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