Rugose squamous pathos

If you, like me, are a cynical depressive type, you should probably not read about the latest adventures of the luckless Mr Tehn.

Oh, sure, in Lovecraft books people who look like him are always rising from the too-deep mines by night to claim the sanity of mortal men, or getting up to NSFW hi-jinks with Japanese schoolgirls.

But that's all just racist nonsense that completely ignores the very real plight of the tentacled abomination in today's world.

Poor Mr Tehn.

At least, if this previous strip is to be believed, he has a cat.

(Now, those Schlorbians - they have a ball.)

(And please allow me to repeat my strong recommendation of Tim Kreider's two books.)

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  1. corinoco Says:

    Tim Kreider is a genius.

    Dangerous to read at work if you are not good at stiffling sniggers, or are prone to laughing so hard milk/lemonade/tea/beer comes out your nose. The later is a really unpleasant experience.

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