Big pink pigeons

Our back deck ceased to be a restaurant for birds several months ago. I decided it was time to put out some seed again.

As usual, $US10,000 worth of brightly coloured beasties turned up shortly afterward.

Galahs at the water bowl

Along with the usual Sulphur-cresteds and rosellas, this time we got a couple of galahs.

We've had a galah or two hanging around the seed before, but I never got any photos of them. They're pretty birds, and relatively reserved when there are only a few around. Get a few hundred of them in one place, though, and they turn into one of the world's premier sources of frivolity.

("Galah" is also a somewhat archaic Australian colloquialism for a fool. The birds haven't really earned that, but I believe the boobies deserve to have their complaint heard first.)

Galah with raised crest

Galahs have a crest, but it's not nearly as impressive as that of the Sulphur-crested. As with the big cockatoos, they raise the crest when excited.

These two got to spend quite a while with their crests up...

Sulphur-crested cockatoo being a bully

...because the bigger birds, as usual, insisted on pointlessly bullying them.

This sort of inter-species animosity is one of the reasons why conservationists don't actually much like backyard bird feeders. An unnaturally large and reliable food source in one very small area forces different bird species to rub shoulders, and they never seem to enjoy that very much.

They never actually seem to come to blows, though. Even when the notoriously aggressive currawongs show up and start staring down the cats through the window, the other birds just give them a wide berth and come back later.

And now, I am pleased to present...

Cockatoo fluffs up

...a variable-geometry cockatoo.

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  1. poisonlizard Says:

    "…a variable-geometry cockatoo."
    Looks like the first couple of frames from a bird blowing up.

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