A link request from Spider-Man

Date: Tue, 4 Dec 2007 05:28:52 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Link Exchange Request
From: webmaster@creditreportkey.com
To: [my domain-registration contact address]

Hello buddy ,

Quality sites need to link together.. don’t you agree? I can give you a
high quality content page link from my site
(http://www.creditreportkey.com). In addition both our sites are
vertically related. I am sure you are aware of content page link plays a
major role in SEO.

Kindly add my link in your content pages other than the links page.your
site is a quality site hence I need a content link from your website.

If you said yes, then I need your link text and URL to get this started.If
no,I am really sorry to have been a disturbance.I promise,this will not

We also offer free download of xp icons in our website. I hope this will
also be useful to you.

Link Title : Credit Report Key
Link Url : http://www.creditreportkey.com/

Awaiting for your word,
Peter parker

Wow - "free download of xp icons" from a site that also offers you the never-to-be-repeated opportunity to pay money for free credit reports and bogus credit repair services?

Why would anybody in the world ever need to visit any OTHER site?!

I'll link to nobody else, from now on!

(And don't worry, Peter - your super-secret's safe with me!)

And what's the deal with the "vertically related" part, anyway? The business-jargon usage of "vertical" is supposed to mean every stage of a business from production to distribution, hence the concept of vertical integration; "vertically related" businesses would be, say, a flour factory and a bakery. The word seems to have turned into cant, though; now it just means "stuff that's related to other stuff". So you get ad agencies spouting things like "high bidded content in your vertical", as if their purpose were not to actually communicate an idea but just to win a game of Scrabble.

The above missive arrived right next to this other magnificent creation:

From: Stephen <hotescortreviews@gmail.com>
To: dan@dansdata.com
Subject: I would like to exchange links with your site
Date: Tue, 4 Dec 2007 0:38:42 -0800

Dansdata, [I do love that personal touch!]

I visited your site today, and I enjoy the information your provide. I
run an adult site similar to yours, and I was wondering if you would
like to trade links with me? You can see my site at
"http://www.hotescortreviews.com". I ask for this link exchange because
I feel our sites are closely related in topic, and a link exchange
would benefit us both. My website also has a page rank of 2.

If you exchange links with me, I will list you on my site. I can put
your banner/link on my directory page
here:http://www.hotescortreviews.com/HERDirectory.html, and I can put
you in a category which is related to your site. Our site is gaining
more visitors by the week, and getting your link on my site guarantees
you future traffic and customers, which increases your bottom line.

Please let me know if you have any questions or comments. If you wish
to add my link, you can add the HTML code below to your site:

[link code redacted]

If you would prefer to exchange banners, you can find my banner on this
page:http://www.hotescortreviews.com/Links.html. You can just right
click on it and download.

Best regards,


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9 Responses to “A link request from Spider-Man”

  1. emrikol Says:

    I still haven't found the xp icons :(

  2. TimDurnan Says:

    Perhaps the second email is referring to Geek Porn?

  3. atarax Says:

    They're here: http://www.creditreportkey.com/icon-download/free-icons.php
    And given the chance to download such beautiful and original icons, why wouldn't you give them your e-mail address! oh...

  4. Daniel Rutter Says:

    I note that the same amazing offer is available from many other similarly invaluable sites.

    I wonder which public domain icon set they're all copying?

    (Or which commercial one...)

  5. ex-parrot Says:

    The archive contains this delightful reademe.txt

    Download 185 XP Icons Completely Free of Cost!!

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    Then you can get these 185 icons completely free of cost.


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    By downloading any icons from Xpstyleicons.com, you agree to abide by all the terms and conditions mentioned in this agreement.

    Upon download of these icons, the customer is granted a nonexclusive, non-sub licensable right to use the icons royalty-free according to the following terms and conditions.

    You have rights to:

    You have rights for royalty free use of our icons for any or all of your non-commercial projects or applications.

    You may modify the icons as per your requirements and use them royalty free in any or all of your non-commercial projects or applications.

    You do not have rights to:

    You do not have rights to Redistribute/resell/lease/license/sub-license or offer free downloads of our icons in their present form or in a modified form to any third party.

    You are not allowed to use our icons in any resalable website templates.

    You are not allowed to use our icons in electronic bulletin boards in downloadable format.

    For any resalable web applications or software programs you should not include our icons as an additional attachment to boost your software sales or for any other purpose. Providing additional icons to customers will be considered as a redistribution of our icons which is not permitted by us.

    If we find anyone guilty of copying, stealing, reselling, leasing or renting our icons and/or icon designs, all xpstyleicons.com licenses will automatically be cancelled and they will be liable to legal action.

  6. ex-parrot Says:

    Curses, I mis-spelled readme.txt

    It looks like the icons are part of some dodgy link scheme in themselves... why does everyone want icons so badly?!

  7. DBT Says:

    That marketing-speak quip made me laugh. As a "propellerhead" working for a sales & marketing company, I hear this tripe often. The marketing Gurus tend to take a step away from me in the 10 or so seconds it takes me to digest such statements ... before I take a swing at them. Honestly, It's like Scott Adams MUST have worked here at some point.

  8. Zerotime Says:

    I got one a few years ago from a "Frank Black". Obviously things haven't been going too well for him since the Pixies split up.

  9. flat roof systems Says:

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    » A link request from Spider-Man How to Spot a Psychopath

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