Rivalrous and commercioganic for Christ Ma'x!

I get a lot of commercial spam from Chinese manufacturers who're under the impression that I'm a "reseller" of just about anything I've ever reviewed. And then some.

These e-mails are usually not very literate, but sometimes they break through into unintentional poetry.

I just got two copies of this one:

Date: Thu, 6 Dec 2007 12:45:22 -0800
To: <cs@110220volts.com> [I presume my address was way down in the BCCs somewhere]
Subject: Christ Ma'x Promotion MP4

Dear Friend,

How are you doing? I hope that everything is good!
Are you searching the rivalrous and commercioganic products? Please have a look our this new model mp4 player, it has some rivalrous features in market:
1 : 1.8" TFT display + card reader function .
2 : Built in outside speaker
3 : Built in RF function(optional).
4 : With the good handle housing which use the flash metal facture.
Its picture and details information is as below,please reference:

[A picture of a Keepin' It Real Fake version of an iPod Nano was meant to be included here - but I had to dig the file out of my embedded directory and rename it to be able to see what the heck it was. It was originally called "ui=1&amp;attid=0.1&amp;disp=emb&amp;view=att&amp;th=1168aff0f2e8de23".]

Main Function and features:

* Exquisite & fashionable flash metal and thin design;
* 1.8" TFT screen, 260K TRUE color display;
* Built-in FM radio & With FM recording function (optional) ;
* RF(Radio Frequency) transmit function ,the sigBnal can be accepted by your car FM, etc.(optional)
* Built-in outside speaker (optional);
* Support card reader function;
* Support DRM(digital right management)(optional).
* Built-in lithium battery .
* Capacity supported: 128MB to 4GB;
* Supports MP3, MP4, WMA, WAV, etc;
* Supports TXT electronic text reading ;
* Supports WAV recorder format;
* 7 EQ modes: moral , rock, pop, classic, soft, jazz, bass;
* Supports ID3 synchronous lyrics display;
* Support Multi-languages.(more than 20 kinds).

It went on, but that's the end of the funny stuff.

What do you imagine "moral" EQ does? I wasn't aware that you could make NWA sound like Perry Como just by changing a frequency response curve.

4 Responses to “Rivalrous and commercioganic for Christ Ma'x!”

  1. chiefnewo Says:

    It's the commercioganic that get's me excited. If all the organic products in the supermarket had commercioganic written on them instead I'd be much more likely to buy them!

  2. Bruce Says:

    Your search engine optimization skills sre equisite and fashionable. Currently No 1 for both

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    Rough tongue bald pussy (http://www.google.com/search?q=Rough+tongue+bald+pussy) though has dropped down to #4

  3. Joe Bloggs Says:

    moral EQ? Probably something like 'soul'.

  4. Cafevino Says:

    I thought they meant 'choral', as in 'sung by a choir'

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