Perfect Christmas gift LOCATED!

I found the following in the "Super Gift Ideas" catalogue of local auto-parts-and-random-crap dealer Supercheap Auto.

Singing steering wheel cover!

Yes, it's the Hot Stuff Singing Steering Wheel Cover, possibly the single stupidest thing some disbelieving dude in China has ever been called upon to make for idiot Westerners.

(The pièce de résistance is, of course, the misspelling of Donna Summer's name.)

"While stocks last", huh?

God, I hope they last.

8 Responses to “Perfect Christmas gift LOCATED!”

  1. pompomtom Says:

    If I got this, it'd be my favourite pressie for the year.

  2. foobar77 Says:

    It's amazing the crap that makes it into catalogues at xmas time. I mean how does a decent product like Aquadots get pulled from the shelves? Just because they have a fruity LSD coating and causes your toddler to see goblins. I mean this thing has to reduce you to beating your own head in with a tire iron surely. That's not safer in my opinion.


  3. Daniel Rutter Says:

    On the plus side, steering wheel covers seldom attach to the wheel firmly enough to prevent them from slipping if you suddenly have to wrench the wheel one way or the other.

    (These days there may be some lame disclaimer telling you to remove the cover before driving!)

    So there's a good chance that you will in due course crash your car and die in agony, thanking your lucky stars all the while that at least you won't have to listen to that tinny rendition of "Hot Stuff" ever again.

  4. moetop Says:

    This would make a great gift idea. ;) Quit being a scrooge

    You need to be one of the elves

  5. Stark Says:

    These things always break... except when you really want them to. I submit that in Dan's example above you would actually crash your car and die slowly in agony with that tinny rendition of "Hot Stuff" playing on an endless loop. Perhaps your blood may eventually short circuit the unit but it would take awhile. And frankly, if you actually bought the things or failed to chuck it in the fireplace the moment you recieved it as a gift then you probably deserve that death, horrifying as it is.

  6. Ash Says:

    Nice that they mention the "On/Off switch" right there on the box. I always forget to ask the salesman if the electrical device comes with one or not.

  7. Daniel Rutter Says:

    I was in Kmart today, and they had them too.

    Except the Kmart ones were $22.99. Clearly, Supercheap Auto should be your destination, for true suicide-inducing wheel-cover bargains!

  8. ex-parrot Says:

    Super Cheap Auto should rarely, if ever, be a destination when you have a purchase in mind. The only thing I've ever bought from them which wasn't terrible was a car battery, and it's definitely mediocre.

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