Needs another apostrophe

I passed a junk shop today - the same one where I bought my cheap Curta, actually - which had a display of cheap scarves outside.

After what I can only imagine was long cogitation, the proprietor of the shop decided to render the name of these items on the sign thusly:


(Quotation marks mine. "Misused" quotation marks would, of course, have iced this particular cake very nicely. But you can't have everything.)

9 Responses to “Needs another apostrophe”

  1. DBT Says:

    Ms Scarfe should have known not to leave such chattel on the doorstep of an entrepreneur.

    Were the price's reasonable?

  2. Daniel Rutter Says:

    One of the Google ads I see on this page right now is warning about "Data Enry Scams".

  3. HitScan Says:

    We used to have a store in town called Dollar's and Sense. I was so sorely tempted to drag a ladder over there and scrape off that stupid apostrophe.

  4. rho Says:

    My old mechanic had an exquisite, hand-painted sign on his door. Probably had been there for 20 or more years. It said, "Credit Cards Excepted".

  5. unfunk Says:

    signs like that make my brain melt :(

  6. phrantic Says:

    Oh how I love the illiterate. My boss send me emails that contain phrases such as "please to be doing..."

    Though when English is your second language, I guess exceptions can be made.

  7. demosthien Says:

    I work for the NSW government. I find it highly irritating to receive procedural documents, supposedly written by highly intelligent people. However these people don't realise (and obviously don't spell check it themselves or don't know any better) that they have left MS Word set to the USA spellings. So the words all have "Z" in them amongst other issues.

  8. OCT Says:

    Saw this one at the entrance of a local Thai restaurant.
    The doorway was by no means smaller than the usual.

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