It's a start

Thanks to a poster on the invaluable Healthfraud list, allow me to present FairDeal Homeopathy: The world's only scientific homeopaths.

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  1. Steven Den Beste Says:

    Their "about" page seems reasonably honest. It admits that after dilution there's "not one atom" of the original stuff left. And it says that any efficacy is due to the placebo effect.

  2. Daniel Rutter Says:

    Yeah, that's kind of the point :-).

    I'd be interested to see what, if anything, they send you if you go through with the PayPal ordering process. There's no shipping fee no matter where you are, but the asking price would probably cover shipment of a dropper-bottle of water to anywhere in the world :-).

  3. Kagato Says:

    Sounds to me like you'd get sugar pills that have had a drop of water dripped onto them. (Assuming they don't just reply saying "can't you people take a joke??")

    I'd like to be even more up-front, and start a line of "medication" under the Placebo(R) brand. Just think of the marketing...

    "Experience For Yourself The Placebo Effect(TM)!

    The Placebo Effect(TM) has been scientifically proven* to relieve the effects of pain and discomfort.

    Placebo(R) tablets contain no harmful artificial chemicals as their active ingredient, and are completely safe to take.

    Placebo(R) - It's As Effective As You Want It To Be!"

  4. EEK Says:

    I have to salute them for being mostly honest. They come right out and admit that it's expensive water, and does nothing medically.

    Then they expect you to buy it. I suppose the "target market" (idiots) is understanding of this sort of thing. More power to them!

    Myself, when I'm feeling terrible, I just resort to the good old "drink more water, get fresh air, and take two aspirin" method. Works for almost everything.

  5. RichVR Says:

    I would almost not feel like I was ripping people off if I were them. Almost.

  6. Simon Says:

    The 'testimonials' page especially, rather suggests that it's all just a bit of a hoax. "By the time your product arrived I was nearly fully cured"? Not to mention "Mrs. I.M.Rabeed"...

    Anyone gone far enough to see whether they'll actually accept your money?

  7. magetoo Says:

    Well, duh, obviously it's not for real.

    I wouldn't mind sending them some money though, to sponsor this sort of thing. But then again, since apparently few got the joke maybe that's not such a good idea...

  8. arteitle Says:

    And there's also Sucrosa.

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