Beats the hell out of making Audis

The Mana Energy Potion Robopult is purest genius.

It's not the most straightforward, or mechanically efficient, way of achieving the same feat; it wouldn't even beat the human-powered punkin' chunkers. But point-and-click aiming for a trebuchet-type flinger (actually, this is more of a staff sling) is still a pretty nifty achievement.

More information, and one much more disgusting video (which is also rather surreal, thanks to inspired costume choices), at the Mana site.

2 Responses to “Beats the hell out of making Audis”

  1. Zygos Community Links Says:

    High tech trebuchet

    Now, this is my kind of trebuchet! (via)

  2. pittance Says:

    I've always thought about setting up a "click and shoot" app for one of those (possibly a bit silly) USB rocket launchers to let you set up a plan view target map. A bit of calibration (like setting up a touchscreen) and all your hitting-your-colleagues-in-the-ear-with-low-velocity-foam dreams come true...

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