Security through graffiti

You know, writing your PIN number on the wall next to the ATM machine you usually use is not actually that bad an idea, as long as nobody sees you doing it, or notices you reading it.

Of course, you may well be screwed if someone paints the wall.

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  1. mbs Says:

    Even better than data security through graffiti, some helpful folks seem to believe that they can secure our data center through use of graffiti. On a door leading from the loading docks that is never locked, and which plainly enters into the main data center floor (with jillions of bucks worth of equipment, etc) is a sign that reads "THIS IS NOT A DATA CENTER ENTRANCE".

    Some cheeky person scrawled "THIS IS NOT A DOOR" on it, and then another person wrote "WHAT IS IT?". I had to respond myself, writing "THIS IS NOT A QUESTION."

  2. RichVR Says:

    Heh. When I worked at the Empire State Building there was a door with a sign that said, simply:


    Under it I wrote:

    -Jean-Paul Sartre

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