Only trust psychics who look like Michael Bolton

Behold, the courageous journalists of Australian tabloid TV show Today Tonight, repackaging another show's story following up with "their colleagues at the BBC" to protect consumers from phony psychics!


Oh, wait.

Today Tonight seem to regard psychics as a kind of tradesman, to be applauded if they're competent and reasonably priced, and caught and shamed if they're not.

The difference between psychics and regular tradesmen, of course, is that nobody has demonstrated that any of these builders have ever, in the whole of human history, actually managed to construct a house.

I wonder how Today Tonight (and their partners in foolishness on another network, A Current Affair) decide whether a given cancer-curer, psychic or investment genius is going to be presented as 100% kosher, or chased down an alley by a camera crew.

I've got some ideas.

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  1. TimDurnan Says:

    While I do feel sorry for the people that were duped out of their money by this scam artist ... $310,000?!

    For $310,000 you can get your way out of nearly any depressing state of mind (aka "cracked aura") through perfectly normal and legitimate means ... like the psychedelic drug of your choice, or taking out a hit on someone you hate, or close to $850 a day at a strip joint for an entire year ...

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