A few more Firepowery links

It's not just me and the Herald who've been paying attention to Firepower lately.

(Actually, I'd pretty much forgotten about them, until their CEO threatened to sue me yesterday.)

Here's a Webdiary piece that sums up the strangeness that is Firepower, including the previous versions of their fuel pill. All these years, and it still hasn't set the world alight.

Here's a piece on Gas Week that asks, among other things, why almost $400,000 of Australian taxpayers' money seems to have been handed over to these people. And here's Gerard Ryle, the Herald journalist, summing up the story as it stood early last year, on the Australian Broadcasting Corporation's Science Show. Firepower's science doesn't seem to have moved on in the interim.

Here's a piece about the Australian Automobile Association trying to get Firepower - or any of the several other, lower profile, fuel-pill makers active in Australia at the moment - to submit to proper testing. That was a year ago, and Firepower said then that they hadn't even noticed that the AAA had called. I wonder if they've answered the phone yet?

Oh, and much the same "results" that were presented to me in PDF form just yesterday were shown to Crikey a year ago, in great secrecy. Crikey weren't very impressed, either.

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