None of these minifigs are smiling

Abhorrent Lego entity

This is just one of numerous Giger/Matrix/Lovecraft things from Lego's upcoming series, tentatively titled "Mummy, why is sleep now all teeth and bones?"

(Actually the Black Fantasy Contest on the Classic-Space forums.)

3 Responses to “None of these minifigs are smiling”

  1. Daniel Rutter Says:

    The surface of this one's segmented body, by the way, is made out of tyres turned inside out. Which is pretty darn brilliant, if you ask me.

    Other contributors have employed flexible hoses, and every kind of track link that's available in black, for the same purpose.

  2. m56 Says:

    And here I thought maybe they were cauldrons from the harry potter set or something. Shows me what's what.

  3. Xen Says:

    I thought these were amazing and linked them through. I've seen some of the custom LEGO kits that people pulled together of starships and bipedal walkers from Event Horizon, Starship Troopers, Aliens, and all sorts of wonderful movies. This tops all of those, though. I think if LEGO mass marketed something along these lines in their "adult collector" market, they'd make a good chunk of dough.

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