Takin Suckaz Assets

I'm probably the last person in the world to discover this, but the TSA Gangstaz music video is, I'm given to understand the kids today are saying, da bomb.

NOTE: Naughty NSFW dirty offensive words!

And now, Why I Wrote This Song, by the rather Jewish perpetrator, Zach Selwyn:

There haven't actually been all that many responses so far, but this one right here is perfectly awesome.


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  1. phisrow Says:

    Jax184, you may not be familiar with the fine institution of modern American airport security. Rather than focus on real security vulnerabilities(like the uninspected cargo containers loaded onto aircraft and/or passing through our ports) we dissolved the old airport screening system and replaced it with the TSA. This fine organization consists largely of minimally competent, minimally trained, and minimally paid people with goofy uniforms, hostile attitudes, and long lists of near arbitrary rules. They do their part to uphold the liberty and dignity all proud citizens of the Land of the Free feel by subjecting them to procedures seemingly designed by somebody who longs to goose-step but cannot quite tie his own shoelaces.

    At least they have a blog, so they must care.

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