Free magazine!

The Skeptic is the official publication of the Australian Skeptics. It's edited by Barry Williams, who has kindly made the digital version of this year's Autumn edition (The Skeptic is published four times a year, and it is of course now autumn here in Australia) available for free. That's an eleven Australian dollar value, at the standard one-year subscription rate!

In this edition: A Psychic Course On How To Contact Missing Persons And The Deceased, The Placebo Effect Explained, Vitalism and Mystical Energies and, as they say, more.

The PDF file is only 5.75Mb, and I've made a torrent of it to save Barry from his previous distribution method, which was manually e-mailing the file to people who asked for it. And yes, he specifically asked me to do this, just as Tim Hunkin asked everyone to distribute The Secret Life Of Machines.

Y'all can download the torrent right here.

(If you, like Barry, are still a bit hazy about what this BitTorrent thing actually is, this beginners' guide should help you out.)

4 Responses to “Free magazine!”

  1. m56 Says:

    Sweet, thanks! Downloading now. Did you happen to get a chance to watch that History of Science skit I linked under the "perhaps the face paint...' post? Pretty funny IMHO.

  2. tjscott Says:

    Hooray! Dan's back!

  3. darkbane Says:

    Hi Dan and welcome back.. we missed you :)
    Btw, I've tried to contact you in any reasonable (email) manner, even sending messages wrapped in Paypal donations.. to no avail. Spam filtering issue or I did something to earn your wrath? :)

  4. Bruce Says:

    Damn, I was just about to call dibs on his cool stuff.

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