Are you suffering from Cyborg Pattern Baldness?

The Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions of Enemy Territory: Quake Wars are coming out in a few weeks. They're advertised by a new, and surprisingly amusing, promotional-movie blitz.

(Note also the boring old site at

These clips are not, I'm sorry to say, up there with the simply fantastic Team Fortress 2 "Meet The..." series. But they still definitely have their moments.

The above embeddable video thingy (which, if you're reading this long after I wrote it, has probably disappeared) at the moment only lets you view one of the videos and then makes you click through to And even the one easily-seen video is only available in crappy-res.

So here is the Gamershell download page for that first video. The file is available on umpteen other download sites too, of course.

And here's a YouTube version of the first video, in case the above one doesn't work:

There's also an officially-uploaded-by Activision version here, but they decided to disable embedding for it, because they'd like fewer people to see it, or something.

OK. Here's the next clip:

(Official Activision YouTube version here, downloadable version here.)

And finally, here's the main promo video for the game, which applies to the PC version as much as it does to the console ones:

(Official un-embeddable YouTube version here; GamersHell download version here.)

This main clip is called "Monster Truck Style", for fairly obvious reasons. But this close-miked presentation now, inescapably, makes me think of the Brawndo commercials (and yes, I know).

ETQW itself is, when you actually play it, only mildly silly. It's a pretty straightforward team-on-team game, obviously descended from its interesting predecessor. It's got a good amount of class variation, plus vehicles, to appeal to the Battlefield Whatever crowd.

I've never played Team Fortress 2 - sorry, not enough hours in the day. I'm sure people will still be playing it a couple of years from now, so there's no great rush. Besides, I haven't quite finished with Tribes 2. But I'm still perfectly ready to believe that TF2 is the current king of the team-on-team genre. A million dorks can't be wrong.

ETQW, though, has distinctly different teams, rather than the different-only-in-colour teams of TF2. It also has vehicles, and slightly, but significantly, lower hardware requirements. So I'd say it's well worth picking up the ETQW demo to see if you like it, even if you're already nursing a TF2 habit.

6 Responses to “Are you suffering from Cyborg Pattern Baldness?”

  1. Jax184 Says:

    Hell, I haven't even tired of Tribes 1 yet, so you're not alone.

    On a somewhat related note, where are you most likely to be found on Tribes 2, and by what name? Got a favourite mod? What are you wearing, baby? Err...

  2. Mark Cocquio Says:

    Arrrgh embedded video auto-plays! It burrrnnns ussssss!!

  3. ravedave Says:

    I second mark, the auto play video sucks. However I registered to say: buy TF2, buy it now. I haven't had so much fun playing an FPS since duke nukem. By waiting you miss out on all the fun when they release a new map or achievements. It's like Christmas in April!

  4. Matt W Says:

    I think you undersell ETQW. I have been playing FPS for too many years, and whilst this is not cutting edge graphics (Doom 3 engine), it has deep gameworthiness and plays on old kit. Highly recommended on PC.
    How good the port is remains anyone's guess.

  5. kamikrae-z Says:

    I played a mod of Quake 2 (Action) up until probably a year or two ago when the community dwindled to so few that the server hardly ever reached critical mass. Not bad for a game that's a decade old. I moved on to TF2 but haven't had the urge to play regularly. Whether it's the game itself (which I do find enjoyable but doesn't live up to the frenetic pace of AQ2)or my growing out of games I'm not sure, but I hope it's the first because I sure as hell don't want to grow up ;)

  6. Matt W Says:

    Try the ETQW demo and give it a whirl. I think you'll like it.

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