When a universal joint is just too PRACTICAL

This Toolmonger post about a novel right-angle socket adapter led me to the interesting concept of Hobson's Coupling, in which round rods bent to a right angle transfer torque around a ninety degree corner, because they're all free to turn in their mounting holes on each leg of the coupling.

Hobson's Coupling is, as any fool can see, an obvious candidate for adaptation into a steam/air-pressure engine. The result is called an Elbow Engine, and it's a thing to behold:

There are several more on GooTube. If the concept's still not clear to you, this page about making a ten-cylinder version (only seven moving parts!) from scratch may fill you in.

4 Responses to “When a universal joint is just too PRACTICAL”

  1. frasera Says:

    that is just freaky looking:)

  2. adamthebastard Says:

    Makes me want to strap a stator to it, pump in some solar heated steam and generate some electricity. Any idea what the efficiency and lifetime of a well tooled Elbow Engine could be?

  3. robzy Says:

    Will a universal joint actually work over a 90deg bend?


  4. Bastard Child Says:

    Bring on the Thompson Coupling!

    Interesting Vid, Dan :-)

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