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When I-Wei "Crabfu" Huang created his third Swashbot last month (previously), I never got around to mentioning it here.

Duly rectified:

The grouper mouth and skull-like carapace make it look kind of malevolent... until it starts moving. It still kind of looks as if it's positioning itself to jump onto your face, though.

The "Shapelock" plastic from which Swash3's made is to regular plastic as Wood's Metal is to normal casting alloys. The plastic's chemical name is polycaprolactone, and it's available under other names, too. The bags of it that've been hanging on my wall waiting for a purpose are branded "Polymorph", and I got them from Jaycar here in Australia.

I-Wei's made three videos about building the bots:


4 Responses to “Your weekly dose of swash”

  1. Mohonri Says:

    Having just purchased the Orange Box a couple weeks ago (and finishing the single-player portions this past weekend), this thing gives me the creeps. The new white colored one just needs one more leg to look like a headcrab.

  2. Steven Den Beste Says:

    Slightly off-topic: the first Google AdWords ad for your site just now was "Convert Your Car To Run On Water. Save Fuel & Easily Double Mileage"

    Oh, gee, does that really work?

  3. maxshcherban Says:

    OMG, this guy's eyes move around in a really scary manner.

    And on the plastic material - I wonder if I can get a sack of it here in Ukraine, I already have an idea or two on how I could use it...

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