I'd be smiling too

Found among my referrer tags, thanks to a comment:

Minifig bling

The picture's from the guy who runs Fleebnork; oddly enough, his other photos have something of a Lego slant to them, too.

The custom spaceman itself came from the guy who runs the bespoke-minifig-accessory emporium BrickForge.

See also:

What a Fleebnork is.

(Collectively, they're arguably the most frightening things in Lego Space. The winner is, of course, the unstoppable Explorovore.)

The terrifying Fleebnork Queen.

Fleebnork stat card for Brikwars ("Sort Of Like Warhammer, Except You May Already Have A Huge Army And Not Even Know It").

2 Responses to “I'd be smiling too”

  1. J-H Says:

    Awesome Brikwars! Is there anywhere in Sydney where people get together and play?

  2. Daniel Rutter Says:

    There's definitely some - see the excellently-named but currently-home-page-less "Studs" in Sydney, for instance. Brikwars has also been around for several years now, so a lot of tabletop wargamers at least know about it.

    Given the large intersection between the sets of "people who've seriously considered spending ninety bucks on a plastic tank that isn't even radio-controlled, or painted" and "people who've got a couple of battalions of Lego knights, spacemen and/or pizza-delivery guys gathering dust somewhere", it shouldn't be too hard to get a game together. The Brikwars rules are deliberately pretty fast and breezy (so it's what's often called a "beer and pretzels" wargame), to try to minimise the number of times you feel as if you'd be having a lot more fun if you were playing the game on a computer. Here's the entry for Brikwars on BoardGameGeek, by the way.

    And even if you've no intention of actually playing the game, I really must insist that you put a print of the "Epic" image up on your wall.

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